Critics Praise Solo: A Star Wars Story In New TV Spot


Next week, Ron Howard’s Solo: A Star Wars Story will finally be released in theaters. While the arrival of a new film set in that galaxy far, far away is normally a cause for excitement, many people are skeptical of this Han-centric pic. Today, though, Lucasfilm hopes to put fans’ doubts to rest, as a new critics TV spot for Solo has been unveiled, and it has nothing but positive things to say about the movie.

Set against previously-seen footage, the promo wastes no time lauding the flick’s quality. With large, white text, it’s revealed that io9 thinks Solo is “incredibly fun,” packed with “huge action,” and filled with “big surprises,” while Entertainment Tonight is quoted next, saying the latest Anthology film is a “fun and bold adventure.” It all concludes with a rather on-the-nose statement from Coming Soon, who claim that “You’re going to want to be first in line to see [Solo].”

Based on this new video, to say most critics seem to have enjoyed Ron Howard’s latest feature is an understatement. However, it unfortunately may still not be enough to convince more cynical viewers. A common worry when it comes to Solo is that the film will contain nothing but fan-service, something Lucasfilm has been guilty of relying too heavily upon in a great deal of its new canon’s content. And something a number of outlets stated is a problem here once again.

Regardless of reviews, only time will tell which side of the metaphorical coin is correct: Will Solo soar like the Millennium Falcon, or will it crash and burn? We’ll have to wait and see what happens, but if one thing’s for certain, it’s that fans who agree with Alden Ehrenreich, Ron Howard, and Kathleen Kennedy‘s apparent desire for a Solo 2 had best hope it’s the former and make sure they support Solo: A Star Wars Story when it arrives in cinemas on May 25th.

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