Richard Jenkins To Join Channing Tatum in White House Down

Richard Jenkins (Eat, Pray, Love) has graced the screen in some pretty spectacular films over the years and now is going Blockbuster with White House Down.

White House Down is an action feature penned by James Vanderbilt, who was responsible for the The Amazing Spider-Man script. With Roland Emmerich (2012, Anonymous) at the helm, this project is pretty much guaranteed to be, at the very least, entertaining.

Alongside Jenkins, White House Down will star Channing Tatum (Magic Mike) as a Secret Service agent. Tatum is forced to step up after the White House becomes ground zero of a hostage situation, and secure the president – to be played by Jamie Foxx. Tatum is joined by Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Woods, who have signed on to play high-ranking agents.

Jenkins is in talks to join the cast as Speaker of the House. This will put him second in line to take over the country, after the Vice President, if something happens to the President.

Before he steps into those big shoes, Jenkins will star next in Andrew Dominick‘s Killing Me Softly with Brad Pitt and Christopher McQuarrie‘s Jack Reacher with Tom Cruise.

White House Down is scheduled to hit theaters in late 2013.