Here’s How Richard Madden Could Look As The Batman Universe’s Two-Face

Two Face

The Batman is set to feature a bunch of the Dark Knight’s biggest foes, from Colin Farrell’s Penguin to Paul Dano’s Riddler by way of Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman. There are still plenty of familiar faces not due to turn up in this film, though, who will most likely show in the sequels instead. And speaking of those familiar faces, one of them is Two-Face.

Of course, Harvey Dent is amongst the most recognizable of Batman’s enemies, so he has to factor into Matt Reeves’ plans somewhere. But who could bring the corrupt District Attorney to life in this franchise, after he’s previously been played by the likes of Tommy Lee Jones and Aaron Eckhart?

Well, an awesome piece of artwork pitches Game of Thrones star Richard Madden in the role. As you can see below, artist Will Gray has given the British actor the villain’s traditional scarred face with an exposed eye and teeth on his left side. He’s also dressed him in the character’s typical black/white suit.

Madden isn’t a common pick for Two-Face amongst fans, but he’s actually an inspired choice. Dent should be a twisted mirror of Batman, and Madden has a strong resemble to Pattinson. He’s also a talented performer, too, so could definitely pull off the role. Of course, he’s already about to join the MCU, as he’s playing Ikaris in Marvel’s upcoming Eternals. However, stars crossing over between Marvel and DC has become more common lately, so there’s no reason it couldn’t happen.

Both The Batman and Eternals have been hit by delays thanks to COVID-19. Madden’s MCU movie has been pushed back an entire year, as it was originally supposed to arrive this November but is instead hitting theaters next November. Likewise, the Caped Crusader reboot was scheduled for summer 2021, but then delayed until October. And now, it’s been held over until March 2022.