Rick’s Ending In The Walking Dead Movies Has Reportedly Been Revealed

The Walking Dead

We haven’t even seen the first movie of the planned Walking Dead trilogy starring Andrew Lincoln that AMC has got up its sleeve, but new intel may reveal how the story of Rick Grimes will ultimately wrap up. Lincoln said goodbye to the mainline TV series back in November 2018, and we were promised that he’d return in a film soon after. Due to various factors, though, the first outing has still yet to enter production. But the story of the trilogy is likely already mapped out.

With that in mind, insider Daniel Richtman has now revealed what he’s heard the ending will be and according to him, Rick Grimes will die in the third film. He doesn’t say how, and plans can always change, but as of this moment, this seems to be what AMC has in mind for the character.

Of course, Rick’s demise was originally teased in his final TWD episode, before he was rescued by Anne/Jadis and taken away to the CRM. Since that outing aired, however, creator Robert Kirkman finished his comic book and killed Rick off in the penultimate issue. So, it makes sense that the screen franchise would end up following his counterpart’s fate in the source material. In the comics, Rick is murdered by the son of the despotic ruler of the Commonwealth that he defeated and the idea of The Brave Man finally being offed by the relative of a villain he beats is one that’s easy to see being adapted for the films.

Then again, the writers could come up with a completely different way for his journey to end. The point of the comics’ death was that it was supposed to be sudden and shocking, but this meant some fans found it underwhelming. As such, the movies may be better off creating some grand, more meaningful farewell for Lincoln’s iconic character.

In any case, it’ll be a while yet before we find out what AMC’s got in store, but looking closer to home, and The Walking Dead returns for new episodes on February 28th.