The Riddler Will Reportedly Get A Comic-Accurate Suit In The Batman Sequels

Jim-Carrey-as-The-Riddler-in-Batman-Forever (1)

For the most part, the only one of The Batman‘s major costumed characters to draw unanimous praise from fans has been Colin Farrell’s Penguin, and even then that’s been down to the phenomenal job the makeup team have done transforming the handsome Irishman into the unrecognizable Oswald Cobblepot.

The first look at Robert Pattinson’s Batsuit drew comparisons to Netflix’s Daredevil, although it looked much better in motion when the first trailer arrived last summer. Zoe Kravitz drew some online derision for her Catwoman outfit essentially being a balaclava with ears on it, which is reportedly set to be rectified before the end of the movie when Selina Kyle gets a significantly upgraded ensemble.

Opinions were split on Paul Dano’s Riddler as well, with some folks going wild over the homemade creation that gives off vibes reminiscent of the Zodiac Killer, while others compared him to a gimp resembling Ted Cruz. Of course, we’re still waiting on that second full-length promo to see if many of the doubters will be won over, but insider Daniel Richtman is nonetheless offering that The Batman sequels will give Dano’s Edward Nashton a much more comic-accurate look.

Looking at the grim and gritty aesthetic on show in all the footage and promotional materials so far, it’s hard to imagine Edward Nashton strutting around the dimly-lit recesses of Gotham City sporting either a lime green leotard adorned in question marks of a garish three-piece suit complete with customized cane, but there’s definitely some middle ground that can be found. Lean too hard into the comics and you go full Joel Schumacher, veer away and it’s barely Batman at all, so it’ll be interesting to see what comes of it.