Fans Are Now Comparing The Batman Trailer To Netflix’s Daredevil

The Batman

The first full-length trailer for Matt Reeves’ The Batman went down a storm with fans when it was revealed at last weekend’s DC FanDome virtual event, and the footage was so impressive that it even managed to silence some of the doubters that have continued to criticize the decision to cast Robert Pattinson as the title character.

Reeves certainly appears to have hit the noir vibe that he was looking for, with the cinematography and atmosphere of the visuals coming in for high praise, not to mention the money shot of Pattinson’s Dark Knight beating a criminal to a pulp with his bare hands. Obviously, though, people were quick to compare The Batman to Twilight because no matter how hard he tries, the 34 year-old actor will never be able to escape the shadow of his breakout role.

When the first look at Pattinson in costume dropped earlier this year, fans were also quick to point out the similarities between the rebooted Caped Crusader and Charlie Cox’s Daredevil, and the trailer has only led to more comparisons being made between Reeves’ aesthetic and the canceled Netflix show, as you can see below.

Of course, any similarities are entirely superficial, which is to be expected when you’re talking about two street-level vigilantes with a love of horned helmets that operate almost exclusively in the dark and dingy back alleys of a crime-riddled city, both of whom are played by incredibly polite English actors.

In any case, Daredevil is widely expected to be one of the first former Netflix properties in line to be rebooted into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and if The Batman plays even a small part in moving development along that little bit faster, then the fans would be more than happy with the outcome.