Rita Repulsa Prepares To Wage War In Latest Power Rangers Action Shot


With her powerful staff in tow, Rita Repulsa strikes a battle pose in the latest image to emerge from Lionsgate’s Power Rangers reboot.

The pic, which looks to have been pulled from an earlier photo shoot, surfaced on Twitter yesterday evening amid Repulsa’s tirade about Valentine’s Day and all the sentimentality it brings. Yes, February 14th marked an opportunity for the alien queen to stage another digital takeover and, frankly, for an ancient extraterrestrial ready to unleash chaos upon planet Earth, Rita Repulsa sure knows her way around social media.

Donning the sleek and metallic lime-green armor, you’ll find that picture in question embedded below. If nothing else, it’s a timely reminder of just how Dean Israelite’s live-action reboot is poised to introduce Power Rangers and many of their peers/enemies with a new lick of paint. Alpha 5, for instance, has been overhauled into an organic, pint-sized robot companion replete with strange, bug-like eyes, while the monstrous Goldar has received a facelift in anticipation of the film’s release on March 24th. For those of us who grew up watching the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers light up the small screen, Lionsgate’s creative changes will take some getting used to, though whether Israelite’s lavish reboot resonates with the general moviegoing masses will surely be the biggest factor in determining whether Rangers is a success.

On March 24th, Lionsgate will call upon the Power Rangers and their colossal Zords to safeguard Angel Grove (and the rest of the planet!) from Repulsa, Goldar and their alien army. The only question left now is, will you be tuning in?


Source: Twitter