Rob Zombie Reveals New Look At The Munsters Movie Costumes

Rob Zombie

As filming gears up to start on the much-anticipated movie version of The Munsters, director Rob Zombie has kept fans updated every step of the way on social media. Production on the reboot of the classic 1960s sitcom is taking place in Budapest, and the horror filmmaker has been sharing a load of behind the scenes teases over the past couple of months. Just recently, he posted a new look at the characters’ costumes on Instagram.

“Things are really heating up in the wardrobe department here in Budapest,” Zombie wrote in his caption. “Here are a few quick glimpses.” The four attached images showcased some items worn by various members of the family – including Grandpa Munster’s familiar Dracula-esque cape.

Check them out in the gallery below:

This is just the latest promise that Zombie’s Munsters reboot will be visually faithful to the original show. Concept art for Herman and Lily, and a sculpt of Herman‘s Boris Karloff head, has made clear that the couple will be a close match for the sitcom. Likewise, Zombie’s shared blueprints for a 100% accurate recreation of the iconic Munsters house.

Of course, the director’s definitely going to put his own stamp on the material, too. His Munsters movie will be R-rated, so there’s a good chance there will be a lot more violence, gore and foul language than with the Munsters you remember from your childhood.

Zombie’s also filling the film with many of his frequent collaborators. Including wife and usual leading lady Sheri Moon Zombie as Lily, Jeff Daniel Phillips as Herman, with Dan Roebuck, Richard Brake, Jorge Garcia and Cassandra “Elvira” Peterson also in the cast.

With The Munsters shooting soon, a release date sometime in 2022 seems likely. Whenever it does arrive, the movie is expected to stream on Peacock alongside its theatrical release.