Robert Downey Jr. Reportedly Won’t Be In What If…?


After his heroic demise at the tail end of Avengers: Endgame, Iron Man’s potential return has been a hot topic for pretty much every Marvel fan. Ever since the three-hour galactic epic premiered earlier this year, there’ve been countless hints and high hopes of a revival for the billion-dollar hero. Last week, however, fans got especially hopeful after Jeff Goldblum let it slip that actor Robert Downey Jr. would be returning for Marvel’s upcoming series, What If…?

Perhaps Goldblum’s major spoiler was distracted by all the adorable puppies he was cuddling with at the time. But in any case, the House of Mouse, who are infamously secretive with their products (especially Marvel), shot back denying the accusations.

According to an updated report from The Wrap, “an individual with knowledge of the situation” has said that Goldblum misspoke last week and Downey Jr. will not, in fact, be appearing as or voicing Tony Stark, in What If…?

That would be quite a bummer, to have our hope torched up to the sky like that only to be quickly cut down by Mickey Mouse. But in any case, the conspiracy theorist in us all is probably thinking that Disney is just trying to save their own skin with this denial.

After all, this wouldn’t be something that they would want fans to know and like we already said, they’re very secretive about their prized possessions. That being said, an Iron Man revival would make sense in the context of What If…?, given that its premise is based on turning several of the MCUU’s most pivotal moments completely on their head. And I definitely think it’s safe to say that Tony Stark’s death was among the most important moments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.