Robert Downey Jr. Sends Cheeky Birthday Message To Chris Evans


Today’s the 38th birthday of Captain America himself, Chris Evans, so naturally the internet is swarming with well wishes from the Marvel star’s legion of fans out there. And, of course, his fellow Avengers had to drop him a message as well. Speaking of which, MCU fans will love Robert Downey Jr.‘s birthday greeting for his pal, as it references an instantly iconic moment from Avengers: Endgame

“Happy birthday to America’s ass,” Downey wrote on Intagram, alongside a GIF of the scene from the movie he’s nodding to. “The world’s a better place, and I owe you a kiss on the cheek!”

Once again, Downey is proving to us that he is Tony Stark, as this is very much in character. In Endgame, Iron Man can’t resist making a comment about Cap’s behind when he travels back in time to 2012, remaking that his suit didn’t do his rear end any favors. Ant-Man stands up for Steve though, giving us the now-famous phrase “America’s ass.” Something Cap himself can’t help but repeat when he later beats his younger self in a fight.

Endgame also turned out to be the end of the road for both Downey and Evans in the MCU as each of their characters’ journeys came to a close – Tony’s in a tragic way while Steve got a happy ending. Or at least, it feels like they’re done for good. We’re hearing conflicting comments on whether Evans could return or not, and right now it seems a bit up in the air.

Likewise, fans are convinced RDJ will make at least one more cameo in this July’s Spider-Man: Far From Home, as the trailers have heavily hinted at a way for Tony to have a posthumous role. Even if we’ve seen the last of them together on screen though, at least we can bank on Robert Downey Jr. keeping up his friendship with Chris Evans on social media.

Source: Instagram