Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz riff on whether the Bat or the Cat’s exes are weirder

the batman
Image via Warner Bros.

With The Batman premiering on March 4, years of hard work are finally paying off for stars Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz. That’s probably why they’ve been having so much fun during the film’s promo tour. And in a recent chat with The Associated Press, they goofed around with the idea of Bruce and Selena having weird exes, which they absolutely would.

In the short clip, which you can see below, Kravitz asks her co-star if his character Bruce has had any girlfriends. “I reckon he has had some girlfriends, but they’ve been real weirdos,” Pattinson chuckles. “I reckon if he’s into Selina [Kyle], the girls that came before… oh my god.”

The promo content has explicitly hinted at a possible romantic relationship between Pattinson’s Dark Knight and Kravitz’s Catwoman. However, whether that roughly follows the pair’s relationship in the comics or establishes an entirely new dynamic is anyone’s guess.

Between the two of them, they’d definitely form up one of pop culture’s weirder couples. But if love can find a small corner in the hearts of traumatized vigilantes who come out at night in edgy costumes and beat the living hell out of petty criminals to deliver their own twisted version of justice, who are we to say otherwise?

Matt Reeves has already expressed interest in creating his own saga from the groundwork laid by The Batman. If and when that happens, it’s a safe bet that Pattinson and Kravitz, or rather, their in-film characters, will have the opportunity to further explore this romantic interest in the sequels.