Robert Pattinson And Guy Pearce Join Up For Rover


Fresh off the announcement that Robert Pattinson would be taking on the starring role in the Middle Eastern thriller Mission: Blacklist, it looks as if the heartthrob will continue to have a busy slate. The soon-to-be-ex-Twilight lead will accompany Guy Pearce in Rover, from Animal Kingdom director David Michod.

Variety reports that both actors are in negotiations for the film, which follows a man (Pearce) who after having his car stolen by a group of men pursues them through the wild and rugged outback. As of now it is unclear which role Pattinson will take.

In addition to Mission: Blacklist and Rover, Pattinson will star in the Cannes entry Cosmopolis from director David Cronenberg.

Whatever your opinion of the young actor is, unlike his Twilight co-star Taylor Lautner, you can’t accuse him of not taking on interesting and challenging roles outside of his blockbuster franchise. It’s clear that Pattinson wants to be known for something other than Twilight and he’ll likely succeed in that regard.

Pearce is also on fire as of late and will appear in this summer’s hotly anticipated Prometheus, John Hillcoat’s Lawless and Iron Man 3 in 2013.

It is tough to gauge exactly how Rover will ultimately turn out at this stage but the talent already involved is very promising.

As always, we’ll keep you posted when we hear more regarding the film.

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