Robert Pattinson Reportedly Wants To Do A Batman And Superman Movie

The Batman

The future of the DC Films roster is once again in a state of transition, with HBO Max’s Justice League drawing what Warner Bros. are adamant will be a definitive line under the SnyderVerse, while Robert Pattinson gears up to reboot Batman just before The Flash introduces the multiverse, and J.J. Abrams now has some serious skin in the game with Bad Robot producing a new spin on Superman, as well as Zatanna and HBO Max shows based on Justice League Dark, Constantine and Madame X.

That’s without even mentioning the finalization of the merger with Discovery, which could yet prove to have a seismic effect on the complexion of the studio at boardroom level. All we know for certain is that we’re getting a ton of new content over the coming years, some of which is connected to Zack Snyder’s mythology via many returning faces, while others forge ahead on a new narrative path.

The Batman was confirmed long ago to exist outside of mainline DCEU continuity, but we’re hearing from our sources – the same ones who told us Justice League Dark was being developed as a streaming series long before Abrams was revealed to be at the helm – that Pattinson is reportedly keen on teaming up with Superman for that World’s Finest story we’ve been hearing about on and off for what feels like forever.

Batman v Superman was divisive to say the least, so we’ve never had a team-up epic in the vein of the comic books, but there’s an awful lot of ground to cover between now and then, especially with The Batman still eight months away from release. That’s without even considering who could be the Man of Steel in question, with Abrams’ reboot still not confirmed to be connected to anything as of yet.