Robert Pattinson Reportedly Doesn’t Want The Batman Anywhere Near HBO Max

The Batman

There was genuine concern that Warner Bros. sending the entire slate of 2021 movies to HBO Max on day one would signal the death knell for the theatrical industry, but that hasn’t been the case, even if business has been agonizingly slow in returning to any sort of normality.

Of the studio’s eleven hybrid releases to date, seven of them opened at number one domestically, while they’ve combined for a global box office haul in excess of $1.2 billion, far more than any other studio during the same timeframe, even if Godzilla vs. Kong‘s $467 million is the only sum reminiscent of pre-COVID times.

According to WarnerMedia, the experiment ends as soon as 2022 begins, but we’re hearing from our sources – the same ones who told us HBO Max were inviting pitches for TV shows let in the Harry Potter universe long before it was confirmed – that Robert Pattinson is reportedly adamant The Batman stays as far away from HBO Max as possible until it finishes up a full theatrical run.

The hybrid model may be getting thrown out of the window, but Warner Bros.’ movies are still planned to land on HBO Max just 45 days after they premiere theatrically. One of the reasons why Black Widow‘s box office has tailed off so dramatically was the availability of pristine copies being widely pirated, and even after five weeks that’s still a danger that faces every major release destined for a short big screen window.

The Batman needs strong reviews and even better financial returns to assuage any and all doubts over both Pattinson and Matt Reeves’ reboot in general, meaning that five weeks might not be enough to hit the intended heights, especially when it took The Dark Knight seven months to reach a billion, and The Dark Knight Rises ironically hit the milestone on day 46.

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  1. supadavesays:

    Sure, they cold squeeze it in during a twilight marathon..

  2. DJMicksays:

    Okay, Disney+ just for you. It’s not like it hurt Scarlett Johansens pocket or anything.

  3. Bob up and downsays:

    Wow Patterson sure has proved to be a big BABY DIVA huh!!! He might want to be careful lest his movie flops even bigger than expected!!!

    1. NellieBlysays:

      No, we got this coveered has proved to be big liars. None of this is true, they know nothing, they have no source, and they’ve never done any research about Pattinson or they would know how laughable this whole story is. Stop believing fake stories WITH NO SOURCES.

  4. NellieBlysays:

    45 days doesn’t equal 5 weeks. That would be 35 days. It’s an almost 7 week run and it’s been WB’s policy since they instituted the theater/HBO hybrid model. Nothing has changed, no one is freaked out, least of all Pattinson. You guys do no research. He’s spoken about things like this many times and he doesn’t concern himself with box office. He’s not making movies for the paycheck, he’s turning out art. WB can worry about the profit, he’ going to deliver a quality performance and that’s all that matters to him.

    If the film underperfromed according to WB, he’s still going to be OK. He has his first look deal with them and he wants to make indies anyway. Unlike Affleck, he isn’t using this to get other comic book movies. He’s literally the reason they had to get Keaton for the Flash, because Pattinson wouldn’t do it. He’s not chasing money and he’s not chasing other commercial, studio movies. He’s going back to arthouse films as soon as he can. You’ve never had an actor like this as Batman or any other comic book character. But you’ll learn.

  5. Tony Antonellissays:

    I hope a sequel to this awesome upcoming about batman will be about batman recruiting Kate Kane aka batwoman (played by Wallis Day) as his first partner in the trilogy. Playing Batwoman in Matt Reeve’s batman trilogy after proving herself worthy for the role is what Wallis Day deserves. And Robert Pattinson’s batman deserves batwoman as his first side kick.
    Wallis Day deserves to dress up as Batwoman after failing to do so in the stupid CW batwoman show.
    Here is my origin story idea for Batwoman in the Matt Reeve’s batman world.
    On Kate Kane’s 13th birthday when Bruce was 20 years old weeks or months before he traveled the world for more training and better strategies to get his parents’ murder, Kate along with her twin sister Elizabeth and their mother Gabriel were kidnapped in broad daylight when the sisters were getting out of school and being picked up by their mother. The 3 Kanes were being held for ransom, and the person came to save the Kanes is Kate’s father Colonial Jacob Kane. He did bring money with him for the ransom but when he arrived, he lost his wife first, then when the little girls attempt to leave the kidnappers’ layer, one of the kidnappers shot Beth in the back while Kate was able to get away. Then the kidappers were fought by Jacob Kane and 20 year old bruce (who just arrived in the scene dressed like a ninja and Jacob and Kate were the only ones who recognized him). After the crime scene was over, Jacob and Kate went to Bruce’s mansion he took care of Kate as best as he can, when Bruce leaves to get enough training and pain controlling strategies, Kate attends to military school. Kate does well in attending in the military school until sometime in Bruce’s first half a decade of being batman when she was expelled. When Kate and Jacob (promoted as a GCPD cop) were hanging out in a restaurant thinking of what she can do now that she was expelled, Jacob stepped out for a moment to give a man a ticket for speeding but that guy shot and killed Jacob and Kate saw it all happen across the street and the killer noticed her and tried to kill her but then Batman arrived just in time to save her and then he took her to his cave, and Kate becomes Batwoman.
    Matt Reeves? Robert Pattinson? Wallis Day? I hope you see and like this idea.
    Wallis Day is age appropriate to be the cousin of a man dressed as a bat who is in his mid 30s. Robert and Wallis look perfect for 2 cousins who suit up as 2 bat heroes of gotham.

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