Robert Pattinson Reportedly Refuses to Work With Matt Reeves Again


In case you didn’t know, rumours are abound that Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves hate each other. Hate is a very strong word, but insider sources are confident that this is the case, with the pair allegedly butting heads due to Reeves’ perfectionism. Apparently, this hate has now materialized into more.

Sources close to We Got This Covered have stated that the disdain Pattinson and Reeves have for each other has grown so far that Pattinson has reportedly stated he does not want to work with Reeves again until he receives an apology. Now, I’m not a movie director, but for the Director and main star of a movie to have such a strained relationship can certainly spell trouble, especially if the star storms of set. It shouldn’t have to though, with The Batman wrapping up filming earlier this year after a challenging filming schedule filled with delays and COVID-19 disruptions. Nonetheless, the film looks like it was worth the trouble!

We’re hoping that these rumours of infighting are simply that, just rumours. If the trailer is an accurate depiction of what the movie is going to look like, then it seems that the fighting may not have impacted the quality of the production. If Pattinson really doesn’t want to work with Matt Reeves again, then that calls into question any future plans for sequels, especially after Pattinson reportedly agreed to $20 million for The Batman 2.

Maybe, and this is just a die-hard fan hoping, but maybe the pair’s tumultuous working relationship might actually produce something entertaining. We will continue to monitor the space to see if there are any further developments to this story in order to update you.