Robert Pattinson Reportedly Stormed Off The Batman Set Because Of Matt Reeves

The Batman

Throughout the tortured shoot of The Batman, which stretched on for close to fourteen months as a result of several shutdowns and delays related to the Coronavirus pandemic, one of the most heavily recurring rumors was that director Matt Reeves and star Robert Pattinson didn’t get along.

Obviously, the tale that the leading man’s COVID-19 diagnosis was an elaborate ruse constructed to cover up the fact that he’d returned from his hiatus out of shape probably isn’t to be taken at face value, but there may well be some credence to purported discontent between the two, based on nothing but how often we’ve been hearing it.

The latest comes from a leaker on Reddit, who does boast a decent track record when it comes to getting inside info, but there’s not much else to the report other than him detailing how Pattinson stormed off the set of the Caped Cruader’s upcoming reboot at one point after finding himself at loggerheads with the filmmaker.

That makes several occasions now where it’s been intimated that the duo don’t get along, but sometimes creative conflict can often result in a much better movie. Pattinson and Reeves aren’t quite at the same level as Werner Herzog and Klaus Kinski, who actively plotted to end each other’s lives at various stages in the 1970s and 80s, but neither of The Batman‘s two major players have a reputation for being difficult to work with as far as we know, so maybe they just rubbed each other the wrong way when production was in full swing.

It’s not like either man will admit it publicly, so for now it remains entirely speculative. But whether it’s true or not, let’s hope that it doesn’t have any sort of noticeable effect on the quality of The Batman.