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Robert Pattinson says Batman casting backlash was ‘less aggressive’ than ‘Twilight’

Robert Pattinson says the backlash to his casting as the Dark Knight was "less aggressive" than in the 'Twilight' saga.


Warner Bros. received a lot of backlash after announcing Robert Pattinson as the next Dark Knight in Matt Reeves’ The Batman, though according to what the actor has recently told MTV, the Twilight community was more fervent in scrutinizing his casting as Edward Cullen than fans of the World’s Greatest Detective.

“It was less aggressive than when I got cast in Twilight,” He says “Which is strange because no one even knew who I was. That was literally off of one photo, and they were like, ‘Absolutely not!’ That was way more painful.”

While the fandom quickly got around to seeing Pattinson as the ideal candidate for portraying the handsome vampire in the live-action adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s YA novel series, the actor himself lived to regret this choice for many years. Though as of 2019, he no longer actively hates his time on Twilight and even recently called out his Batman co-star Zoë Kravitz for dissing the franchise.

It’s good to see Pattinson has gotten over his role in those films. Since appearing in a number of smaller flicks like The Lighthouse and High Life, the British thespian has really emerged as an acting powerhouse. And if the early reception to The Batman is anything to go by, he’s continued that streak with Bruce Wayne.

You can judge Pattinson’s perfrance in The Batman for yourself in cinemas now.

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