Robert Pattinson says Tom Holland manifested his casting as Spider-Man

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With Spider-Man: No Way Home now heading for home release, the hottest new superhero ticket is The Batman. But fans of Robert Pattinson and Tom Holland will know that Spidey and the Dark Knight crossed paths in The Lost City of Z.

The 2016 adventure movie is about an expedition to find a lost Amazonian city, but despite a star-studded cast and positive reviews, it faltered at the box office.

Pattinson headlined as explorer Henry Costin, with Tom Holland as the young Jack Fawcett. Filming took place around the time that the Captain America: Civil War casting process was heating up. During an appearance on The Jimmy Kimmel Show, the new Caped Crusader revealed that his opposite number sported some Spidey duds before he’d even landed the role.

“He hadn’t even been cast as Spider-Man yet and he was wearing a Spider-Man outfit while we were shooting… No one witnessed this except for me!”

We know Holland seriously impressed with his audition, drawing on his dance and gymnastic skills to show off some acrobatic moves. Chris Evans was particularly blown away when Holland did a full somersault in front of him, with everyone on set worried that he was going to crack his head on the floor.

Pattinson will be focused on The Batman sequels for the next few years (while fitting in indie projects around them), and Holland has just confirmed he’s taking a break from acting after shooting an upcoming Apple TV project, but they might end up crossing paths again one day in the future now they’re both established as iconic comic book favorites.

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