Robert Pattinson says ‘The Batman’ costume was a pain to light correctly

Robert Pattinson as The Batman
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Robert Pattinson is revealing that a certain part of his costume in The Batman was an absolute pain in the ass to light correctly.

Pattinson, who plays the titular caped crusader, revealed in an interview that the issue was so disruptive, it caused director Matt Reeves to have to do multiple takes, which initially worried the High Life actor.

“Your first thought is, Oh my God, I’m absolutely terrible,” Pattinson said with a laugh in a recent interview with MovieMaker.

However, after Reeves showed Pattinson the playback of the scene, the star began to understand the multiple takes were due to a technical issue with how the light struck his cowl in certain scenes.

Cinematographer Greig Fraser, who was also behind the lens for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, even remarked to Pattinson in the film’s early days that “The two most difficult things to light are Darth Vader’s helmet and the cowl.”

Pattinson went on to say that there’s a wholly unique type of body language you have to learn to accommodate making the mask look just right.

“If you look too much into the light, it looks completely ridiculous, and you’re wearing a Halloween costume. But if you’re like two millimeters down, it’s like — oh, that’s completely totemic, and like it looks exactly how it’s supposed to look. But to learn how to feel that and learn how to react to how the light hits it, takes forever,” he said.

Something unique about the Dark Knight’s cowl in the film is that it is apparently bullet proof, based on the latest TV spots for the movie, but we’re not sure if that has anything to do with the lighting issue.

Regardless, we’re excited to see how well Pattinson lurks in the shadows when The Batman swoops into theaters March 4.

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