Robert Rodriguez Says His Next Movie Is Hitchcock On Steroids

Robert Rodriguez

Robert Rodriguez clearly isn’t a big fan of taking it easy, with the filmmaker constantly juggling multiple projects at once. He’s one of the most multi-talented individuals in the business that’s held almost every imaginable job on a production, the majority of which he develops himself through his Troublemaker Studios.

He produced, wrote, directed, scored, edited and served as cinematographer on Netflix’s We Can Be Heroes, jumped straight into a guest spot behind the camera on The Mandalorian as a favor to Jon Favreau and ended up as an executive producer on The Book of Boba Fett, while he’s also helming a couple of episodes himself.

His company recently signed a first-look television deal with HBO Max, he’s developing a Zorro TV show and the We Can Be Heroes sequel shoots next year. Before that, though, he’s teaming up with Ben Affleck for sci-fi thriller Hypnotic, which Rodriguez has been working on for almost two decades.

Co-written by the MonsterVerse’s Max Borenstein, Affleck plays a detective investigating a series of high profile crimes that gets caught up in a conspiracy involving his missing daughter and a top secret government program. In a new interview, Rodriguez teased that he’s aiming high with the premise.

“It’s like a Hitchcock thriller on steroids. That’s all I can say. As soon as you see the first trailer, you’ll go ‘I got it. I’m there’. It’s that kind of a movie. A lot of twists, a lot of turns. Very exciting. It’s a not everything you see is real-type movie and it’s got a great cast. It’ll be very energetic. It’s one of my favorite stories. I started writing it back in 2002. So it’s one of the ones I’ve had the longest that I’ve been wanting to do. I’m very excited that we finally might be making it.”

Ben Affleck

Alice Braga co-stars in Hypnotic, and with production scheduled to begin in the next six weeks, we could be seeing the finished product at some point next year looking at the relentless pace Rodriguez is famed for when it comes to his output, and then it’s more than likely he’ll move right on to We Can Be Heroes 2.