Robin Will Reportedly Feature In Matt Reeves’ The Batman

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At last, Robert Pattinson was officially announced as the new Batman today, meaning that Matt Reeves’ upcoming reboot of the Dark Knight’s big screen adventures is finally on the go. Alongside that news though, we might’ve also learned that Pattinson’s hero won’t be saving Gotham all by his lonesome but may be about to form a dynamic duo with Robin.

Forbes reports that the Boy Wonder could “potentially” play a role in The Batman, with a casting announcement said to be coming soon. When it’ll arrive, we can’t say for sure, but while Batman and Robin are traditionally inseparable in the comics, in the movies, it’s a different story.

Only four of the ten Batman solo films released so far have featured Dick Grayson’s sidekick. And one of those is Michael Cera’s turn in The LEGO Batman Movie. Another, meanwhile, is Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s “Robin” John Blake from The Dark Knight Rises, who hardly counts, while the two other are obviously Batman Forever and Batman & Robin, starring Chris O’Donnell.

It’s worth mentioning that Forbes doesn’t specify that Reeves will use the Grayson iteration of the character, so other Robins like Tim Drake, Jason Todd or even Damian Wayne could stand a chance of getting their due. However, seeing as the film is set to explore the Bat’s earlier years, it stands to reason that it would include the original Robin.

Forbes also adds that the Riddler is likely to appear as one of The Batman‘s six villains, alongside the previously confirmed Penguin and Catwoman. This corroborates intel that We Got This Covered previously shared about Edward Nygma serving as the tertiary antagonist of the movie. Again, though, no casting was mentioned in regards to the role.

Though Warner Bros. has yet to officially announce any of this, it certainly makes sense that Reeves would want to establish so many key characters from the Bat-mythos, as he’s hoping to turn The Batman into a trilogy. As long as he doesn’t overstuff the film with too many familiar faces, he should be fine and as soon as we hear who he may be eyeing for the Dark Knight’s sidekick, we’ll be sure to let you know.