RoboCop Returns Director Wants To Bring Back Peter Weller


It seems writer-director Neill Blomkamp, like everyone else, wants to see Peter Weller stage a comeback for RoboCop Returns.

Over on Twitter (h/t Heroic Hollywood), the filmmaker responded to a post from world-renowned DJ Dimitri Vegas, who sent out a tweet to his 1.8M followers to say that, after rewatching the original RoboCop, he’s now beginning to wonder who should play Detroit’s ultimate law enforcer for the planned MGM remake.

All we know for sure is that Blomkamp’s aiming for an R rating, as anything less would only be a disservice to the original classic from Paul Verhoeven. But it appears the director is at least flirting with the possibility of bringing the 71-year-old Peter Weller back to the fold for RoboCop Returns.

Perhaps Neill Blomkamp is simply agreeing that it’ll be tough to replace Weller as Omnicorp’s greatest ever invention? Or it could well be that the director plans to carve out a potential cameo role for the OG RoboCop star, as Peter Weller has mostly been accepting TV roles of late – namely Dexter and Sons of Anarchy.

That being said, the chances of him making an appearance in RoboCop Returns are slim to none, as we understand Blomkamp is hoping to rewrite the history of Detroit’s cyborg lawman in such a way that his project will be angled as a direct sequel to the 1987 original – not unlike how Blumhouse and David Gordon Green have approached this year’s Halloween movie.

Still no word of a production timeline for RoboCop Returns, but fans of the no-nonsense law enforcer can at least take solace in the fact that Blomkamp’s reboot is moving along at a steady pace – with or without Peter Weller on board.