The Rock Wants His Black Adam To Fight A Green Lantern In The DCEU

Black Adam

Very few actors in the industry hold the same kind of influence as Dwayne Johnson, with the 48 year-old heavily involved in the development and casting of all of his own output, as well as producing through his Seven Bucks Productions company. The approach has resulted in him becoming the highest-paid actor on the planet and one of a dwindling number of names capable of opening a movie at the box office based entirely on the strength of their personal brand and nothing else.

Having spent well over a decade attached to play Black Adam, Johnson clearly has a huge investment in the character, and will be pulling out all of the stops when it comes to finally realizing the project in live-action. The Jumanji star has already sent out an ominous warning to the rest of the DCEU’s superheroes, and you can tell that he means every word of it.

As arguably the biggest and most popular star in the business, Johnson will have a huge say in the direction of the Black Adam franchise, and we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones that told us a Justice League Dark show is in the works for HBO Max – that Superman isn’t the only key member of the League that the antihero could end up facing.

According to our intel, Johnson wants Black Adam to battle a member of the Green Lantern Corps somewhere down the line, with Hal Jordan his preferred choice. Of course, this could all just be a meta dig in Ryan Reynolds’ direction after his close friend headlined the ill-fated 2011 dud, but it may also be a concerted push to establish that no Earthbound or intergalactic hero is a match for the DCEU’s newest all-powerful entity.

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