X-Men’s Rogue Rumored To Be Captain Marvel 2’s Main Villain


Captain Marvel 2 is set to be more than your average solo MCU movie. Everything we’ve heard indicates that it could be similar to Captain America: Civil War and feature a number of guest appearances from other heroes. Characters rumored to appear have ranged from Jane Foster’s new Thor (which makes sense) to Spider-Man (I guess if they go to New York…) and finally, eyebrow-raising outside bets like Jessica Jones and Daredevil.

But there’s been another rumor bubbling under the surface for a few weeks and it’s to do with one of Kevin Feige’s favorite Marvel characters, the X-Men’s Rogue. He’s apparently eager to get her into the MCU now that they own the rights and as reported by scoopster Mikey Sutton of Lords of the Long Box, Marvel Studios apparently plan to introduce Rogue as the main villain in CM2 who’s part of a mutant terrorist group.

At first glance, Rogue and Captain Marvel might seem an odd pairing. After all, in the Fox X-Men movies, she’s a grounded hero and Captain Marvel is cosmically powered and pals around with aliens. But fans of the comics will know that the pair have a long history together. Rogue’s origin involved her being raised by Mystique, who inducted her into the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. While in a battle with Captain Marvel, Rogue absorbed her Kree powers, memories and personality. Struggling to cope with this, she sought out Charles Xavier and soon switched sides to join his X-Men.

Obviously, an MCU take on this would be quite different as there’s no Charles Xavier or X-Men. Still, it’s easy to imagine a story in which a conflicted Rogue struggles to deal with unexpected Kree powers while Carol Danvers fights to get them back.

Put as much stock in this rumor as you want. I personally think it’s unlikely and if any of this is going to take place, it’d probably be in Captain Marvel 3. However, stranger things have happened and there is precedent in the comics, so who knows?