Spider-Man Rumored To Develop A Crush On Carol In Captain Marvel 2


Peter Parker may have a bit of a love triangle on his hands. It’s already been rumored that Spider-Man might be appearing in either of the upcoming Captain Marvel sequels, but now it’s also being mentioned online that the superhero could be developing a bit of a crush on the titular heroine.

Recent rumors are saying that after the events of Avengers: Endgame (when Peter first encountered Carol Danvers) and the happenings of Spider-Man: Far From Home (when he was the first to name her), the web-slinger will start falling for Brie Larson’s character in Captain Marvel 2. This remains to be confirmed, of course, but it would definitely make for an interesting storyline. The romance would likely never really be able to blossom between the two of them though, considering that Peter’s in high school and Carol is somewhere in her thirties.

Zendaya’s character Michelle also complicates things a bit. She’s reportedly returning for Spider-Man 3, though it remains to be seen if Peter’s still dating her after the fallout of Far From Home. Carol, on the other hand, probably won’t have any interest in the much younger superhero anyway. It seems almost inevitable at this point that she’ll eventually come out as gay, too, further infuriating the bigoted trolls who already have a problem with her.

Maybe Marvel is hoping that if one of their most popular superheroes has a crush on Captain Marvel, then the fans will start to fall in love with her, too. Despite a big debut for the MCU’s feminist star, the character has since become one of the more unpopular heroes in the franchise. Things have gotten so bad, in fact, that Disney is rumored to have lost confidence in the Academy Award-winning actress and even removed her from their marketing campaign for the company’s upcoming streaming service.

Larson’s still contractually obligated to appear in at least five more MCU movies though, so Marvel knows that they need to make this work and shoehorning Spider-Man into the Captain Marvel series may be the best way to do that. Hopefully it doesn’t have the opposite effect and just make the public despise Carol Danvers even more though. After all, no one wants to see Peter get his heartbroken. The poor guy has already been through enough lately.