Spider-Man May Return In Captain Marvel 2 Or 3


Spider-Man may have just returned to the MCU, but Marvel is already trying to pencil the web-head in for a few of their upcoming features. As of right now, the agreement between the aforementioned studio and Sony only allows Peter Parker to pop up in two more MCU movies. Kevin Feige is hoping that they can strike a new deal before the current one concludes though, which will allow the superhero to have even more of a presence in the popular cinematic universe. Specifically, Marvel wants Spider-Man to cameo in either Captain Marvel 2 or Captain Marvel 3.

That’s according to sources close to WGTC – the same ones who told us Black Knight was coming to the MCU back in April. From what we understand, this all depends on whether or not the two sides can work out a new deal and if Sony is comfortable with the character appearing in one of the aforementioned films.

There’s no reason to believe that this won’t happen, either, as both studios seem to have buried the hatchet and so long as the MCU and Sony’s Marvel universe continue to strike gold at the box office with Tom Holland appearing in both franchises, it seems likely that the two can have an amicable partnership. Then again, greed could once again get in the way of any future dealings and derail the negotiations, so nothing is set in stone just yet.

It’s possible that Feige wants Spider-Man to appear in one of the Captain Marvel installments due to concern over the film’s potential bottom line. Despite a huge debut for Carol Danvers, the character has since been labeled as one of the more unpopular superheroes in the MCU. A lot of this has to do with backlash over Brie Larson, who’s been the subject of various online petitions to boot her from the role. Her many critics have attacked practically every scene she’s in, while others have even gone so far as to remove her completely from Avengers: Endgame.

Things have gotten so bad, in fact, that Disney is rumored to have lost confidence in the Academy Award-winning actress and even removed her from their marketing campaign for the company’s upcoming streaming service. Holland, on the other hand, is considered to be the best Spider-Man actor of all-time. As such, maybe Feige’s hoping that his likability can help audiences get back on board with Larson, especially since she’s contractually obligated to appear in at least five more MCU movies. Regardless, it’ll be interesting to see if Sony allows this to happen.

Captain Marvel 2 is rumored to be arriving some time in 2023, while the next Spider-Man installment will be hitting theaters in July of 2021. As always, watch this space for more.