Sony And Disney Likely To Make Another New Spider-Man Deal In 2022


Marvel fans were celebrating last week as Spider-Man was announced to be sticking around the MCU for the next few years thanks to a new deal being worked out between Sony and Disney. The result is that Spider-Man 3 is coming in 2021 and Tom Holland’s wall-crawler will swing by for an unknown additional MCU movie to boot. Plus, this time around he’ll be able to crossover to Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters, too.

As things stand, once those two more MCU movies happen, then Spidey will return to Sony’s care full-time. However, We Got This Covered is hearing from our sources – the same ones who said Jonah Hill would have a role in The Batman and that Viola Davis would return in The Suicide Squad – that there’s a good chance a third deal could occur down the line.

Apparently, discussions will open up again in 2022 and if things go well with this co-parenting arrangement and the wall-crawler’s split adventures in both the MCU and the SUMC proves sustainable, then a new deal could be made in three years’ time with similar terms. This would then allow Holland to continue on in Marvel Studios films.

Despite the happiness that initially came from last week’s news, there’s been a lot of speculation that Peter Parker’s time in the MCU is still limited. And the hullabaloo around this second deal does prove that it’s not easy to keep the partnership between the two studios going. That said, it only stands to reason that Sony and Marvel would try again in a few years once SM3 and whatever the other MCU flick is have been released.

It all depends on how sharing the character pans out, though. And it’s not yet clear how this will work. Will Holland simply show up in Venom 2 without any explanation, revealing that the Sony films are part of the MCU? Or will he find a way to hop over to another dimension in Spider-Man 3? The method they use to go about it may prove key to whether it can work in the long-term, but again, assuming all goes well, it’s expected that another new deal will be reached which will keep Peter Parker in the MCU for many years to come.