Jonah Hill Said To Be The Frontrunner For Penguin In The Batman

The Penguin Batman

Robert Pattinson has been locked in to star in The Batman now for a few months, but the rest of the movie’s cast has yet to be officially announced. There are plenty of names going around, though, for who might be considered for the rogues gallery of villains that Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne will have to battle against to save Gotham in the film. The antagonists will include the likes of Riddler, Catwoman, Two-Face and, most prominently, the Penguin.

As such, who’ll play Oswald Cobblepot is one of the most speculated mysteries surrounding The Batman. We Got This Covered has informed you in the past, though, that such names as Josh Gad, Nicholas Hoult and Toby Jones are being eyed for the crime boss and while no decision has been made just yet, our latest intel on the situation now points to a different actor being in the running.

According to multiple sources – the very same ones who confirmed Pattinson as Batman in the first place, and who revealed that Black Adam will be the villain in Shazam! 3, which Zachary Levi later confirmed – Jonah Hill is one of the actors that Warner Bros. is currently looking at for the part. What’s more, we’ve heard that he’s actually the frontrunner for the role as well. Now, that doesn’t mean he’ll necessarily land the gig, but either way, the Wolf of Wall Street star is definitely being considered for the Penguin in The Batman.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Hill’s been linked to the production, as it was theorized that he was up for the Penguin last December when a few DC-related names – including Reeves – followed the actor on Twitter. Fan art was even created picturing him in Oswald’s classic top hat and monocle. Those efforts show he would definitely look the part, with Hill’s impressive range also proving that he wouldn’t be a bad choice.

In any case, The Batman‘s due to start shooting early next year, ahead of its release in 2021, so expect some concrete casting news to arrive over the next few months. While we wait though, tell us, who would be your personal pick for the Penguin? Have your say in the comments section down below.