Romantic Thriller Siberia Taps Keanu Reeves To Headline


For fans of all things Keanu Reeves, and indeed action movies in general, there is only one film releasing in February of any significance: John Wick: Chapter 2. Chad Stahelski’s imminent sequel has stolen headlines left, right and center over the past few weeks with a suitably fiery marketing spiel, as Reeves’ ice-cool hitman prepares for his sophomore outing. And though the John Wick universe is a rich one – rich enough to warrant a potential TV spinoff, it seems – Keanu Reeves isn’t about to limit himself to a single character.

THR is reporting that the former Matrix star has inked a deal to headline Siberia, a new romantic thriller from Frank & Lola helmer Matthew Ross. Unsurprisingly, it involves a trip to the titular Russian province, with the script from Scott B. Smith (A Simple Plan) reportedly involving an American diamond trader named Lucas (Reeves?), who “goes to Russia to meet with his Russian partner, Pyotr, to sell blue diamonds. When Pyotr goes missing, Lucas ventures deep into Siberia to find him and the diamonds, but instead finds Katya, a local cafe owner, and is drawn into a steamy affair.”

IM Global is set to introduce Siberia to would-be buyers at the ongoing European Film Market in Berlin, so we fully expect to catch wind of a production timeline – and potentially new casting announcements – over the coming weeks.

It’s early, early days for Siberia, and before Keanu Reeves ventures forth onto the icy plains of northern Russian, he’ll attend to some business in the Italian capital of Rome. Yes, John Wick: Chapter 2 is almost upon us – February 10th is the date for your diaries – while Reeves has also lined up To the Bone and Replicas, a sci-fi thriller where he’ll star opposite Star Trek alum Alice Eve.

Source: THR