Ronald Reagan Biopic Reportedly Courting Nicolas Cage


Dog Eat Dog and Army of One star Nicolas Cage has been offered the chance to take on the role of Ronald Reagan in a new biopic, according to Page Six.

Not to be confused with the scrapped Reagan, a movie which once had Will Ferrell on board to play the former commander-in-chief as senile, Page Six claims that Nicolas Cage is harboring some doubts about the potential gig, fearing that the decision to portray Ronald Reagan in a positive light could “[infuriate] the liberal Hollywood crowd.” Due to this conflict of interests, negotiations have reportedly stalled, though for what it’s worth Cage’s publicist Stephen Huvane responded to a request for comment by stating that, “it’s way too early in the development process.”

No further information was disclosed, so we can only assume that, at the time of writing, the field is still open for Nicolas Cage to take point as the former POTUS providing all involved can hash out those creative differences. Plus, the fact that the Will Ferrell-fronted Reagan ground to a halt after members of the Reagan family took issue with the light-hearted, comedic premise – Ferrell’s story involved a sprightly intern nursing the president during his battle with Alzheimer’s disease – means that Cage and Co. needn’t worry too much about any competition.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this gestating Ronald Reagan biopic as more information comes to light. Nicolas Cage, meanwhile, has lined up a role Steven C. Miller’s upcoming mob drama Arsenal.