Rufus Sewell Circles Role In Paradise Lost

Rufus Sewell is in negotiations to join the growing cast of Alex Proyas’ monumental battle epic Paradise Lost. According to Bloody Disgusting, Sewell is circling in on a role in the film which will re-team him with Proyas, as the two worked together on the edgy sci-fi/horror Dark City.

Sewell will potentially join a growing cast in the tentpole supernatural battle pic that explores the war between Heaven and Hell, and Satan’s fall from grace. Bradley Cooper has already snagged the role of Lucifer, while Benjamin Walker will play Archangel Michael. Very recently Djimon Hounsou landed the role of the Angel of Death.

Proyas is taking on some heavy source material in Paradise Lost, a film based on the epic narrative poem by John Milton. The poem encompasses the story of Satan’s fall from grace and his war with heaven, as well as Adam and Eve’s expulsion from the Garden of Eden. The film will be more of a battle epic with some big-budget aerial stunts, 300-esque special effects, and maybe a 3D wrapping.

It’s exciting to see such a great cast coming together. I think Cooper will nail Satan, as he’s got some amazing range. Sewell is a rather under-appreciated actor who has impressed me in just about everything I’ve seen him in. Admittedly, his most memorable roles for me have been villainous.

There’s no word yet what role he might play, but Proyas certainly brought out the best in Sewell in Dark City so I have a good feeling about this possible re-teaming.