Ryan Reynolds Celebrates Deadpool 2 Co-Star Josh Brolin’s Birthday With Hilarious Photo

Cable Deadpool 2

Yesterday saw Academy Award nominee Josh Brolin celebrate 51 years on this planet, prompting his Deadpool 2 co-star Ryan Reynolds to pay tribute to his onscreen foe turned friend with a new Instagram pic.

Reynolds’ post sees the pair hugging outside the Roman Colosseum, while the caption insists that the photo is legit:

“I know it seems like photoshop, but this really is the happiest moment of his life. Happy Birthday @joshbrolin”

Though Reynolds and Brolin may not have a social media feud on the level of Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, the two of them have been known to trade tongue-in-cheek blows in the past, making it nice to see a moment of warmth between the pair.

Though Brolin last year seemed happy to reprise his role as Cable for the planned X-Force movie, it remains to be seen how Drew Goddard’s ensemble flick will be affected by the Disney/Fox deal. On the one hand, recent comments from Disney CEO Bob Iger indicate that the studio is keen to make more R-rated Deadpool films. But at the same time, it’s been a while now since we’ve heard of any progress being made on the project, despite Reynolds and his cowriters offering a few recent updates on Deadpool 3.

In any case, we may not get any official clarification on the future of the series until the merger comes into effect in a few months from now, but if Wade Wilson and his peers are to enter the MCU, then you can imagine that would put Brolin in a funny position, seeing how he already has a pretty huge role in Marvel Studios’ cinematic universe. Speaking of which, you can see Thanos back on our screens when Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26th, 2019. And as for Deadpool and X-Force, let’s just watch this space and see what happens.