How Ryan Reynolds Got Celine Dion To Sing The Song For Deadpool 2


We all know how Ryan Reynolds got Brad Pitt to cameo in Deadpool 2, right? As we told you the other day, the actor only had to ask his friend to appear, and promise to deliver him a cup of coffee on set. That – and an incredibly small fee – was all it took for one of Hollywood’s biggest stars to get involved and proving that everyone loves DP, it seems that it wasn’t hard convincing Celine Dion to jump on board, either.

True, the singer doesn’t actually show her face in Deadpool 2 – though she did film a cheeky promo for the pic – but the superstar warbler agreed to sing a song for the sequel and shot a music video, too, which felt like a hilarious callback to the times when every self-respecting superhero movie came with a melodramatic theme song and soundtrack album. But what did Reynolds have to do to get her to sign on?

Well, apparently, all it took was the actor writing a long, polite letter asking her if she’d like to participate. Or at least, that’s according to David Leitch.

“Ryan took up the mantle.” the director revealed in a recent interview with Variety. “I think it was like celebrity to celebrity. He wrote her a really nice, impassioned letter, and she responded quickly. And so we were all stoked. We were like little girls, like ‘Oh my god! She’s going to do it! She’s going to do it!’ So it was very exciting.”

And though some were initially confused by Dion’s involvement in the production, and understandably so, the director went on to explain that it was really a perfect match.

“There was no other person that we could really think of that fits the DNA of Deadpool.” Leitch added. “She’s an iconic singer, an incredible voice. But she also kind of fits in our world. And wow, what a great sense of humor, what a professional. It was such a fun time shooting that video. One of my favorite experiences on set, and I’ve been doing movies for 20 years.”

Buoyed by its impressive opening ($301M worldwide), Deadpool 2 is currently bracing for its second weekend at the box office, where it’ll face stiff competition from Solo: A Star Wars Story. How it’ll fare remains to be seen, but take to the comments section down below and let us know if you dug Dion’s song for the film.