Ryan Reynolds Seemingly Teases His Role In Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds has spent the better part of a decade bashing Green Lantern to anyone who will listen, and even actively discourages people from watching the infamous disaster. Before Deadpool came along and became the highest-grossing R-rated movie in history, the actor had something of an unwanted reputation for starring in terrible comic book films having previously appeared in Blade: Trinity, X-Men Origins: Wolverine and R.I.P.D. along with his ill-fated outing as Hal Jordan.

Even though he’s now got a successful superhero franchise under his belt, with Deadpool 3 making a slow crawl through development at Marvel Studios, there’s still been rumors that the 6 Underground star could show up for a surprise cameo in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. While this would have sounded ridiculous as recently as a couple of months ago, the fact that the Snyder Cut even exists and Michael Keaton will be playing Bruce Wayne in The Flash just goes to show that nothing can be ruled out when it comes to the DCEU.

While the Corps themselves were reduced to a very brief cameo in the theatrical cut of the movie, all signs point to at least one of the Green Lanterns making a much bigger impact in the reassembled version of Justice League. We previously heard that Reynolds was in talks to shoot a brief cameo, and based on his social media activity, it looks like we could be getting an official confirmation in the near future. And that’s because the actor recently liked the below Tweet:

Admittedly, this could just be Reynolds trolling again as he has a tendency to do by liking a tweet linking him to the project, but with Zack Snyder’s Justice League shaping up to be one of the most hotly-anticipated comic book movies in history and Green Lantern always having been a key part of the team in the comic books, the filmmaker will be going all-out to give the fans what they want and seeing the intergalactic superhero sharing the screen with Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the gang would definitely fit the bill.