Ryan Reynolds Explains His Long-Running Feud With Hugh Jackman

Ryan Reynolds

The feud between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman is the social media gift that keeps on giving, with the A-list duo never missing out on the chance to troll each other. It’s provided no shortage of entertainment over the years to see the pair throwing barbs at one another on a regular basis, and their wholesome friendship is comfortably the best thing to come out of X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

They’ve even taken their rivalry to the big screen, with both of Fox’s Deadpool movies featuring plenty of references to Jackman and his mutant alter ego, while the longtime Logan is listed in the credits of Reynolds’ upcoming Free Guy, so we may even be getting a meta cameo that references their decade-long rivalry.

There’s been plenty of talk that the Marvel Cinematic Universe Deadpool 3 could bring them together, even if Fox’s plans for a road trip buddy comedy starring the Merc with a Mouth and the mutton-chopped mutant was nixed when the company sold up to Disney.

In a recent podcast appearance, Reynolds was asked about his constant back-and-forth with Jackman, and it sounds as though he needles the Australian star for no other reason than his winning personality.

“You know, Hugh Jackman is, I really shouldn’t say this, but he makes kindness look like murder. I mean he really is just the nicest guy you’d ever meet. And it drives me nuts sometimes. No, there’s no but, unfortunately. He really is the real deal…. No, I want to possess the sense of well-being that Hugh Jackman possesses. I wanna understand that to some degree, so we sometimes hate and lash out at the things we cannot understand. So I tend to hate and lash out at Hugh, and he reciprocates of course because he’s nothing if not a sportsman. And that’s kind of it. But in reality, he’s like my life sherpa. He’s one of the best guys I know.”

Hugh Jackman has a reputation for being one of the nicest and most genuine people in the business, so he’s the perfect foil for Ryan Reynolds‘ signature snark, sarcasm and self-deprecation. It’s a fact of life that best buds will always rip on each other any time the opportunity presents itself, and it’s good to know that the rules still apply to some of the most famous faces in Hollywood, with the feud showing no signs of ending.