Ryan Reynolds And Hugh Jackman’s Truce Is Already Over


The fake beef between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman raged right up into the final days of 2018, but for a brief period, the Deadpool and Wolverine actors managed to put their disagreements aside to help each other out. Sadly, only one of them managed to keep up their end of the ceasefire.

In a new video shared to Reynolds’ Instagram account, the pair explained that they’ve recently called a truce on their social media war and have agreed to make commercials for each others’ companies. On the one hand, Jackman is part of Laughing Man Coffee, and so Reynolds filmed an ad for the coffee company that he claims to have been working on 24/7. The video goes on to show the clip, in which we’re treated to some vibrant imagery and a pun-filled but otherwise earnest voiceover from Reynolds.

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F for effort.

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We then cut back to Reynolds and Jackman, the latter of whom is suddenly looking very worried. Though the Logan star begins making excuses to delay showing his advert for Reynolds’ Aviation Gin company, Reynolds is insistent that they check it out. And so the video then transitions to a scene of Jackman sitting at home with a bottle of gin on the table. Speaking directly to the camera, the actor states, “Ryan Reynolds is a complete and total f****** a******.”

After a moment of awkward silence, Jackman then points to the bottle and adds, “The gin is pretty great though. I’ll have to try it someday.” The rest of the commercial sees Jackman pouring the content of the bottle out onto the table. When the video cuts to a distraught-looking Reynolds, Jackman adds “Sorry man, I didn’t think the truce was actually real.”

Evidently, the beef between these two is showing no signs of letting up, and hopefully fans can enjoy the ride, because as much Reynolds and his followers wish otherwise, this ongoing feud will likely be the closest thing we ever get to a crossover between his Deadpool and Jackman’s Wolverine.