Ryan Reynolds And Keanu Reeves May End Up In The Same MCU Movie

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds and Keanu Reeves could soon find themselves starring in the same MCU movie. According to sources close to WGTC – the same ones that told us Reynolds had a secret cameo in Hobbs & Shaw, Netflix is developing a Witcher prequel and a She-Hulk show is in the works for Disney Plus, all of which were correct – the pair may end up appearing together in the Ghost Rider film, as Keanu Reeves is in talks to play the title character and Marvel want Reynolds’ Deadpool to show up alongside him in some capacity.

The studio has already confirmed that Deadpool will be integrated into the MCU in the near future, so the notion of him appearing in Ghost Rider isn’t exactly a left-field one and while it remains to be seen what kind of role he’d have in the movie, we’re told that Marvel definitely want him in there. And as far as Reeves is concerned, he hasn’t officially signed on just yet, but talks are said to be at an advanced stage right now. As such, having both of them in the same project might actually happen.

Of course, Marvel has made big stars of many of their actors, but this would mark a break with the past. Think of a soccer team with a reputation for developing unknown youngsters suddenly deciding to spend their budget all on one player. Admittedly, the studio has given supporting parts to A-listers before – they don’t come any more A-list than Samuel L. Jackson, after all – but that’s not usually the case for the newcomer in the supersuit. Things are clearly changing for Phase 4 and beyond, though.

Some simple math makes this a very logical change in strategy, too. Though Reeves would command a huge salary, a Ghost Rider movie fronted by him would be a guaranteed hit. As such, I suspect Marvel will pay whatever’s necessary to make it happen.

Tell us, though, how would you feel about Ryan Reynolds and Keanu Reeves appearing together in the same MCU project? Leave a comment with your thoughts on it below. With Dwayne Johnson joining arch-rivals DC, and leading man Robert Downey Jr. hanging up his Iron Man uniform for at least a little while, Marvel could definitely use the star power and a film with both of those aforementioned actors in it would no doubt do gangbusters at the box office.