Ryan Reynolds Says He’d Love To Be In Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds has made it known that he would love to be involved in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Various rumors and reports have surrounded the upcoming director’s edition of the DC team-up flick in recent months, and one of the most exciting and unexpected is that the Deadpool star could potentially reprise his role as Hal Jordan’s Green Lantern for a cameo in the movie.

Reynolds has previously teased a potential part in JL and now, he’s done so again in even clearer terms. Yesterday, it started going around that the Canadian star could be playing Hawkman in Black Adam. The actor took to Twitter that night to clarify that this isn’t on the cards for him, but he did make it known that he would “love” to be in Snyder’s Justice League. He even went on to joke that he’s heard he may already be in it.

An alien Lantern had a brief appearance in the theatrical JL during the flashback to the ancient war against Steppenwolf. It’s known that Snyder planned to feature some modern-day Lanterns in his cut all along as well, so it would surely blow fans’ minds if he decided to tweak that for this new version to include Reynolds’ Jordan. Though the 2011 GL movie is awful, the Deadpool star wasn’t the issue with it and it’d be great to get him back, even just for one scene.

This tweet obviously isn’t the actor confirming that he’s involved with the project, though. But at the very least, he’s made his interest known, so maybe Warner Bros. will want to chase him up on that. If they haven’t already, that is. In fact, it’s possible he’s already been in talks for the part and an official announcement could be made later this month at DC’s FanDome event.

In any case, while he’s apparently not going to be Hawkman in Black Adam, we’ve still got hope that we’ll see Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern again in Justice Leaguehitting HBO Max in 2021.