Ryan Reynolds Reacts To Gerard Butler Not Watching His Movies

Free Guy
Image via 20th Century Studios

Ryan Reynolds took to Instagram on September 21 to respond to Gerard Bulter’s negative Free Guy remarks

Earlier this month, Bulter revealed during a press tour for his film Copshop that he hasn’t seen Free Guy as well as any of Reynolds’ movies. The reason why that particular topic came up was because many felt Free Guy was far too similar to Bulter’s 2009 sci-fi flick Gamer — a film about death row inmates being forced to battle while trying to survive thirty sessions of “Doom-type environment” in hopes to be set free.

Reynolds responded to the 300 star by spinning the news in a positive light. The actor share a screenshot of his Twitter page which included a photo of an article about Bulter’s comments. In addition to the article, Reynolds’s initial upload also highlighted how he and his wife Blake Lively were matching donations to ACLU until October 8.

Although the actor appeared to be joking about Bulter’s response, many in Ryan Reynolds’s comment section considered it a great way to bring awareness to what actually matters.