Ryan Reynolds Reportedly Wants 6 6 Underground Movies

6 Underground

Netflix’s 6 Underground was the equivalent of a small screen sugar rush. It was big, loud, stupid and nonsensical, but that’s the bare minimum that should be expected from a $150 million R-rated action blockbuster helmed by Michael Bay. The set pieces themselves were suitably spectacular, but the movie is completely and utterly forgettable.

Trying to recap the plot of the film is difficult enough ten minutes after it’s finished never mind attempting to recall it from memory, while the characters are exposition machines that exist to move the story from one action sequence to the next, and it would be a stretch to say that any of the actors involved made much of an impression, or even managed to imbue their parts with any sort of discernible personality.

6 Underground

However, it was a major success for the streamer and ranks as one of the platform’s most-watched original movies ever, and the combination of Bay alongside leading man Ryan Reynolds is enough to guarantee a sizeable audience without even taking the director’s signature bombast into account. There’s been plenty of sequel talk, of course, but Netflix have yet to commit to any definite plans, although that hasn’t stopped insider Daniel Richtman from hinting that Reynolds apparently wants to star in five more outings.

As per the tipster, the actor wants a total of six 6 Underground movies, which comes hot on the heels of him already claiming that the Canadian star was keen to deliver six Deadpools for Marvel Studios, so a pinch of salt should definitely be required here. The 44 year-old already has three films releasing this year and another eight in various stages of development or production that he’s officially part of, and that’s without even considering more speculative streaming sequels, the first of which has still yet to be confirmed, so we’ll need to wait and see what happens with the second installment before thinking about the third, fourth, fifth and sixth.