Ryan Reynolds Will Reportedly Continue Making Fun Of Green Lantern In Deadpool 3


Will Ryan Reynolds ever stop making fun of Green Lantern? Probably not, unless of course the constant rumors eventually lead to him reprising the role of Hal Jordan for one last time in a future DC Films project to finally shut the door on a chapter of his career that’s become the butt of countless jokes over the last decade.

Even Deadpool got in on the act, with Wade Wilson demanding that his superhero costume be neither green nor animated, while the sequel’s post-credits sequence saw the Merc with a Mouth take things one step further by traveling back in time to shoot Reynolds in the head so that he never signed onto the infamous box office dud in the first place.

Naturally, it would be safe to assume that Green Lantern will once again become a target in the upcoming Deadpool 3, which would be interesting in itself because it’d mark the first time that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has directly referenced the competition. There’s been so much speculation surrounding the project ever since Disney first acquired Fox that separating fact from fiction is close to impossible, but Reynolds circling back to one of his most familiar targets feels like a lock and according to insider Daniel Richtman, it’s definitely going to happen.

Of course, this is also something we heard from our own sources several months back, and with nothing off limits when it comes to Deadpool, it would be more of a surprise if the self-aware superhero didn’t poke fun at what’s still regarded as one of the worst comic book movies ever made. Not to mention a major misstep in Reynolds’ career that he’s since mined for plenty of humor.