Ryan Reynolds Reportedly Trying To Convince Disney To Be More Open About Deadpool 3


Obviously, Deadpool can’t be used to anywhere near his full potential unless he’s allowed to be let off the leash, which is why is why it came as such a relief when Kevin Feige confirmed that the antihero’s upcoming MCU threequel will retain its predecessor’s R-rating.

The script is currently being penned by the Molyneux sisters with a fair bit of involvement from leading man Ryan Reynolds, but presumably, it’ll still have to be signed off on by Feige and Disney CEO Bob Chapek before it gets the go ahead for production. And it’s there where the film may run into some trouble.

For a couple of months now, we’ve been hearing rumblings of behind the scenes disagreements between Reynolds and the Mouse House’s top execs on how far they want to push things in Deadpool 3. The Canadian star obviously wants there to be less limitations on what can be shown, while the studio is no doubt concerned about their family-friendly image. And according to insider Daniel Richtman, Reynolds is trying to change that.

Over on his Patreon page, the tipster offered a new update on the status of the threequel, writing:

“[Ryan Reynolds] still trying to convince Disney to be more open about DP3, he’s still mad at them for censoring and wanting to tone it down.”

So, it seems like the two parties aren’t exactly seeing eye to eye yet, and while an R-rating is indeed a step in the right direction, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Reynolds is going to be able to get away with everything and anything he wants. Which it seems is where some of the friction is stemming from.

It’s a delicate situation, no doubt, but with Kevin Feige and his team heavily involved as well, we imagine things will turn out alright for Deadpool 3 in the end and it’ll arrive in a form that’s both pleasing to long-time fans and agreeable for the Mouse House.