Ryan Reynolds Reportedly Still Mad At Disney Over Deadpool 3 Censoring

Ryan reynolds

We know that Ryan Reynolds and John Krasinski will be co-starring in the latter’s next directorial effort Imaginary Friends, which Paramount have now dated for November 2023. And while Reynolds signing on to new projects has become an increasingly regular occurrence over the last eighteen months or so, this also indicates that we won’t be getting Deadpool 3 until the summer of 2024.

Kevin Feige confirmed that the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first R-rated installment won’t be filming this year, and AppleTV+ festive musical comedy Spirited recently recruited Octavia Spencer to co-star alongside Reynolds and Will Ferrell, so it looks as though that one could be up next before he moves onto Imaginary Friends, which might feasibly push Deadpool 3‘s shooting schedule back to late 2022 or early 2023.

That could actually be good news, though, if insider Daniel Richtman’s latest report is on the money, as the tipster claims that Reynolds is still trying to negotiate a tone for the Merc with a Mouth’s next outing with Disney and isn’t happy about their attempts to censor the film. After all, Deadpool is a staunchly R-rated character being parachuted into a PG-13 franchise owned by a family-friendly corporate monolith, so simply replicating the formula from the Fox duology might not be quite as straightforward as it seems on paper.

“[He’s] still trying to convince Disney to be more open about DP3, and still mad at them for censoring and wanting to tone it down,” says Richtman.

The script is currently being written by the Molyneux sisters with heavy involvement from the leading man, which will then presumably have to be signed off by Feige and Disney CEO Bob Chapek before it gets the green light for production. Of course, very few superhero blockbusters in recent memory have generated as much speculation as Deadpool 3 and yet we still know absolutely nothing about it for sure, so there’s no real way of telling how things are coming together and/or heating up behind the scenes as development continues.