Ryan Reynolds Reportedly Wants Deadpool Variants In The MCU


Loki has already established that within the context of the MCU’s multiverse, alternate versions of familiar faces aren’t doppelgangers or carbon copies but rather completely different entities—even if Sophia Di Martino isn’t playing a female version of the title hero but another character altogether. So Richard E. Grant is more than likely playing an older trickster, as is now widely believed.

That means that literally anybody could be cast as a well-known Marvel superhero. That would make sense now that the ground rules of multiple realities have been laid down, and insider Daniel Richtman is now claiming that Ryan Reynolds wants to interact with Deadpool variants once he finally makes his debut in the franchise.

Of course, it’s a tad suspect how the tipster has gotten hold of this information just two days after the variants were introduced and explained, especially in regards to the Merc with a Mouth when we know absolutely nothing for certain about how Wade Wilson will factor into the MCU. In fact, all we’ve got to go on is the identity of the screenwriters and the fact it’ll be both R-rated and canon.

Are we going to be seeing countless Deadpools in the future? At this stage, it’s impossible to say yes or no for sure, given both the limitless possibilities of the multiverse and the almost complete lack of concrete details surrounding what Reynolds and Kevin Feige have in store for the fan favorite character. However, the actor teasing that he could be suiting up in the very near future might indicate that we’ll be getting some big news relatively soon, and it’s about time seeing as the leading man took his first meetings with Marvel towards the tail end of 2019.