Ryan Reynolds Reportedly Unhappy With Disney’s Censorship Of Deadpool 3


The future of the Merc with a Mouth in the MCU has been the subject of some debate in recent months, with Deadpool 3 looking likely to receive a stronger rating than other projects from Marvel Studios. While star Ryan Reynolds hasn’t really shown any frustration with the developing movie so far, a new report today from GeekTyrant is suggesting that the actor may not be happy with Disney and specifically, with how they’re potentially censoring the future film.

According to the story, Reynolds has fallen out with the Mouse House in a major way, with GeekTyrant noting:

“According to a source that works on the Fox Studios lot, Reynolds has ‘had it with Disney and doesn’t want to have anything to do with them.’ So, what did Disney do to possibly get on Reynolds’ bad side? Well, from what I’ve been told Reynolds is tired of the Disney ‘censorship bullshit’ and that he’s saying ‘enough is enough.’”

If true, this development would go against what we’ve previously been hearing from Kevin Feige and Reynolds regarding the ambitious plans for Deadpool. As such, for now, we’d advise taking this report with a grain of salt. That being said, GeekTyrant stresses that the actor’s issue is specifically with the Mouse House and not Marvel Studios, so things may indeed still be fine between him and Feige.

In any case, Reynolds has a lot invested personally in Wade Wilson and will surely be protective over any new directions taken with the material. Assuming that an R-rating is almost certain for Deadpool 3, though, it’d be a surprise if there was more pressure for cuts to content, or that there’d be internal problems with the Merc with a Mouth laying into the Avengers and similar properties, given that’s something that the in-development picture is being tipped to indulge in.

There’s also no reason to worry just yet, as we heard earlier today that Reynolds is very impressed with Marvel Studios’ (again, not Disney) approach to date with Deadpool 3. And with the pic probably not reaching screens until 2023, there’s still plenty of time for things to change behind the scenes.