Watch: Ryan Reynolds Reveals Hilarious Green Lantern Edit


In case you hadn’t noticed, Ryan Reynolds does not remember Green Lantern particularly fondly. Over the last decade, the actor has taken every available opportunity to mock the infamous critical and commercial disaster, and one of Deadpool 2‘s credits scenes even had the Merc with a Mouth stop him from making the movie in the first place.

Not content with telling fans not to watch it and pretending that it never even existed, a sentiment shared by co-star Taika Waititi, Reynolds has also jumped on the recent bandwagon of editing together new versions of comic book blockbusters that were largely rejected by fans and audiences alike.

In support of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the 6 Underground star has assembled the Reynolds Cut of Green Lantern to deliver the superior version of the movie that fans never got the chance to see in theaters. Of course, because this is Ryan Reynolds on social media we’re talking about, the whole thing is over and done with in thirty seconds, and you can check out his original post below along with the expected self-deprecating caption.

While it seems like yet another throwaway joke aimed in the direction of Green Lantern, we’re just a couple of weeks away from DC’s FanDome event, which is happening right around the same time that rumors are making the rounds surrounding a potential Reynolds cameo in Zack Snyder’s Justice League. As such, there might be more to this than initially meets the eye.

Of course, it could always just be another example of the 43 year-old’s established irreverent social media persona, but based on the many recent unexpected developments in the DCEU, Reynolds returning in some form to right the wrongs of Green Lantern can’t be definitively ruled out just yet.