Ryan Reynolds Surprised That He’s Not Hugh Jackman’s Best Friend


What the world really needs right now is a buddy movie starring Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. I mean, based on their long-running online feud, the duo have excellent chemistry together and that would no doubt translate into a very, very fun film. Sure, we saw them work together in X-Men Origins: Wolverine over a decade ago, but that was an absolutely terrible movie that’s better off forgotten and Hollywood has definitely missed a trick by not getting the two actors back together for a new project in the years since.

At the moment, all we have is their aforementioned feud to keep us entertained, with the pair constantly trading jabs. Be it making fun of each other’s work, making jokes about being awarded the title of Sexiest Man Alive or just some good old-fashioned digs at the other’s expense, the frequent truces never remain in place for too long. And sure enough, they’re now at it again.

Jackman recently shared a photo of himself and Gus Worland on Instagram, captioning it with: “Happy International Best Friends Day! #tbt #itwas1989 #gotcha4life.” Reynolds, meanwhile, saw the post and replied: “I don’t understand,” confused and surprised that the Wolverine actor didn’t name him as his best friend.

All jokes aside, it really is about time that these two starred in another movie together and frankly, it’s awfully surprising that it hasn’t happened yet. Especially since it would do gangbusters at the box office. It doesn’t even need to be that much-requested Deadpool/Wolverine team-up. You can put these guys in literally any project and sparks would fly.

But until that happens, we’ll have to settle for this amusing online friendship/feud, which luckily, never quiets down for too long and always manages to keep us entertained.