Ryan Reynolds Thinks Disney+ Should Have An Uncensored Deadpool Cut


In a comment on Instagram, Ryan Reynolds stated that he thinks it’s about time Disney+ airs an uncensored cut of his Deadpool films.

The graphic, violent and at times obscene style of the infamous Merc with a Mouth clash sharply with Disney’s brand identity as a provider of inoffensive and family-friendly entertainment. Even so, the company has made steps to move away from this rather limiting one-for-all ideology. Recently, for instance, its freshly-launched streaming service added an uncensored cut of X-Men: Days of Future Past. 

That film features a number of non-child-friendly scenes, including one in which Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman shows off part of his naked body for an extended period of time. Jackman, though surprised, was rather delighted to see the film enter the streaming service’s library without edits or omissions.

In a recent Instagram post, the actor admired the fact that this happened on Disney+ of all places. Commenting on the post, Reynolds said that he was “excited for them to do the same for Deadpool,” adding that – with his trademark cheekiness – “it’s time children knew.”

Although the Deadpool franchise has been in Disney’s possession for quite some time, the company is yet to make its two existing installments available to subscribers. When that will happen remains to be seen and as fans of the films know all too well, Deadpool’s adventures are a lot darker than any X-Men movie, as they feature elaborate sex scenes, dirty joke after dirty joke, and levels of gore that could impress even the likes of Quentin Tarantino.

With a third Deadpool movie currently in the works, and rumors circulating that the masked maniac could appear in future MCU titles, the character is going to be sticking around for quite some time. Let’s just hope Disney capitalizes on his popularity, rather than shove him out of the spotlight.