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Ryan Reynolds Becomes A New Kind Of Hero In Free Guy Trailer

While you're waiting for Deadpool 3 to arrive, why not watch Ryan Reynolds become a different kind of hero in this new trailer for Free Guy?

Free Guy

It’s no secret how much Ryan Reynolds loves Deadpool. And while Wade Wilson will no doubt always have a special place in the actor’s heart, you might be surprised to learn that neither the first film featuring the Merc with a Mouth or its sequel are Reynolds’ favorite movie that he’s made. Instead, that distinction belongs to Free Guy.

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The actor admitted as much a few months back and now, with the pic getting ready to hit theaters later this year, it seems the marketing barrage has truly began. Case in point: the Green Lantern star unleashed a new trailer on viewers earlier today, teasing a fresh look at the wacky action-comedy, which sees Reynolds playing Guy, a bank teller who learns that he’s really an NPC in an open world video game. We kid you not.

It’s a strange premise, but one that looks like it’s been executed fairly well, if this latest preview is any indication. With a healthy helping of laughs, action and Reynolds’ trademark charm and charisma, Free Guy looks to be hitting all the right notes. Note that it’s also unfinished though, which the actor acknowledged in his Tweet sharing it, writing:

Free Guy is moving to Dec. 11. Here’s a clip that’s weirdly appropriate and isn’t actually finished. We cut it a while ago (while there was still a “Fox” before @20thcentury ). Ignore the watermarks. And huge thanks to #Aspect for cutting it.

Admittedly, parts of the film do look a bit too goofy and it’s also unclear which exact audience this is being targeted towards, but the Deadpool star can carry just about any project he’s in. Not to mention he’s got a strong supporting cast here as well, with Joe Keery (Stranger Things), Jodie Comer (Killing Eve) and Taika Waititi (The Mandalorian and Avengers: Endgame) also on board.

It might not be the third Deadpool movie that everyone’s eager to see, but Free Guy looks harmless enough all things considered and should tide us over until we get to see Reynolds back in the role that he’s most famous for.