Ryan Reynolds Wants Deadpool’s Next Appearance To Defy Expectations

Deadpool Korg Free Guy

Ever since Disney purchased Fox and dumped a certain Merc with a Mouth into Kevin Feige’s lap, we’ve been inundated with a constant stream of rumors as to how, when, where and why Deadpool would make his grand introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and they all turned out to be completely wide of the mark.

Obviously, you’d have to be either a genius or a psychic to have predicted that we’d see the cult favorite make is first official appearance as part of the world’s biggest franchise in a trailer breakdown for Free Guy opposite Thor: Ragnarok‘s instant hero Korg, in what has to be viewed as one of the smartest pieces of viral marketing we’ve seen in a long time.

Ryan Reynolds stars in Free Guy with Taika Waititi, which is being distributed by Disney subsidiary 20th Century Studios, and fans have been clamoring to find out when they’d be getting their next fix of Deadpool for a long time, so it was a perfect storm of circumstance and coincidence. It was certainly an unexpected beginning to Wade Wilson’s MCU career, and in a new interview Reynolds admitted that he’s hoping to keep defying expectations.

“Deadpool, for me, is kind of like an anxiety inducing tightrope walk. I always think when I’ve got Deadpool just right, I’m speaking from experience from Deadpool 1 and 2, that I need to make it 30 to 40% percent better than it already it is. Even if I’m at the moment where I’m like, ‘This is perfect, this moment!’. Then, I stop and I go, ‘Okay, this has to be 30% better than it already is’. It’s a stressful thing to get right, or at least right as far as I’m concerned. So, no, I never really thought about it but I did love the idea of playing with Deadpool and Korg in some of the marketing materials given the fact that Taika and I are in the movie. So, I kinda got to scratch the itch, inevitably anyway.”

The star is currently making the press rounds for Free Guy, so you can bet your bottom dollar that he’ll be getting asked questions about the status of Deadpool 3 at every turn. We haven’t heard any official updates on the project since the Molyneux sisters were tasked to crack the script nine months ago, so hopefully the leading man and producer will divulge some more information after whetting our collective appetites with the hilarious breakdown of Shawn Levy’s video game-inspired blockbuster.